Beyond the comprehension of the student’s kindergarten department


  • أ.م.د. إيمان يونس إبراهيم العبادي الجامعة المستنصرية/ كلية التربية الأساسية - وحدة أبحاث الذكاء والقدرات العقلية
  • دنيا علي وفي الفحام


beyond comprehension, kindergarten students



      The current research aims to identify what is behind the comprehension of the students of the kindergarten department, and to achieve the objectives of the research, the two researchers built a scale beyond comprehension according to Brown's theory (Brown, 2003, which consisted of (44) paragraphs, and the two researchers verified the apparent validity of the scale beyond The comprehension and consistency of its paragraphs, and calculating its stability by the re-test method, as the stability coefficient reached (0.837), and by the Cronbach’s alpha method, as the reliability coefficient reached (0.905). The sample was chosen in a simple random way, and the research data was processed by statistical means that fit with the nature and objectives of the current research, and among these means (one-sample T-test, and Pearson correlation coefficient), the researchers found that the kindergarten students enjoyed beyond comprehension.



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يونس إبراهيم العبادي أ. إ. ., & علي وفي الفحام د. . (2022). Beyond the comprehension of the student’s kindergarten department. مجلة أبحاث الذكاء, 16(33), 620–631. Retrieved from




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