Constructing an illustrated vocational thinking test for kindergarten children


  • أ.م.د. إيمان يونس إبراهيم كلية التربية الاساسية –الجامعة المستنصرية


Keywords: Vocational thinking, kindergarten children.



     The current study aimed to:

1- Constructing an illustrated Vocational thinking test for kindergarten children.

2- Measuring vocational thinking among kindergarten children aged (5-6) years in the pre-school stage.

    The study relied on the descriptive approach, and to achieve the research objectives, the researcher selected a sample of (400) male and female children from government kindergartens affiliated with the Directorate of Education (Rusafa 1 and 2) in the city of Baghdad. A tool has been used (the Illustrated Vocational Thinking Test), and after completing Procedures for constructing the professional thinking test, which in its final form included (86) illustrated items distributed over six areas, which are as follows: The first area: naming the profession (26 items), the second area: tools of the profession (20 items), and the third area: professional practices (24 items). ), the fourth field: profession tasks (5 items), the fifth field: distinguishing professions (5 items), and the sixth field: evaluating professions (6 items), and the researcher applied the test to the research sample, and the time period spent in applying the test was (30 ) is accurate, and the researcher verified the standard psychometric properties of the test, and after statistical treatment represented by the use of the statistical package (SPSS), the researcher concluded that there is no vocational thinking among kindergarten children, and According of the study results, the researcherput down a number of recommendations and a set of suggestuons.



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