Self-efficacy Among Male and Female Mathematics Teachers in Primary School


  • مهند فاضل عباس
  • أ.د. عباس ناجي عبد الامير





     Self-efficacy is one of the important psychological variables that affect the behavior of the individual when he works to achieve his personal goals. The individual’s belief in his abilities and capabilities helps him to achieve those goals and control the surrounding circumstances, which helps him to develop his performance (Bandur 1999:258). Subjectivity is "the main axis of social learning theory, where the individual's beliefs in self-efficacy are linked to motivation and personal achievements. “Improving self-efficacy represents the main key in training in self-control by reducing anxiety and gaining the individual the ability to defend his rights, thus avoiding him from falling again as a victim of circumstances” (Diehl, A, & Brunt, M, p262, 2002). The current research aims to identify the self-efficacy of male and female mathematics teachers in the primary stage.The two researchers prepared a measure of self-efficacy for male and female mathematics teachers, consisting of (45) items, and it was applied during the first semester of the academic year 2021-2022 to a sample of mathematics teachers in the primary stage consisting of (480) male and female teachers from Diyala Governorate – Baquba District, the opinions of (30) of them were surveyed, and the remaining construction and application sample was (450) male and female teachers. The application of the scale began on Sunday 5/12/2021 and ended on Sunday 16/1/2022. The results revealed that male And female mathematics teachers in the primary stage in Diyala Governorate, Baquba District, possess self-efficacy and that it has a positive role in teaching mathematics, and the scientific qualification of mathematics teachers had a positive role because of its self-efficacy. The research recommended several recommendations, including holding training workshops for mathematics teachers to increase their self-efficacy and enhance their self-efficacy belief.



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