The arouses and its relation to sensory-cognitive preferences have Outstanding students and excellence in Rusafa, Baghdad


  • أ.م.د ازهار محمد مجيد السباب جامعة بغداد /كلية الاداب /قسم علم النفس



(The arouses, sensory – congnitive, preferences, outstanding students, Baghdad)


    To prepare the minds of creative notebook depends on availability of stimuli and triggers in the environment that most individuals in the performance they need necessarily to motivate them and consulted for performing the work assigned to them by their exposure to a variety of stimuli, and that our knowledge of superior consulting and fulfillment methods used in information processing and sensory preferences helps you understand the academic difficulties facing each other as Weaver merits that ensure overcome these difficulties or relief, as well as the balance of psychological and educational reality for our students is to add To our knowledge is the future creators in challenges and community builders.

Current research aims to identify:-

The provokes the sensory preferences and have outstanding students, particular differentials statistical significance depending on the variable sex. And relational nature of the relationship between the provokes the sensory preferences and have outstanding students.

Research sample consisted of (500) students from intermediate I, II and III and (323) students and (177) a student of three high schools in the second number 42.



Super is the provokes scale setting to the technological evolution and the world of defaults with the present time we are in the year 2018 with the aspirations of the new generation, applying a scale FARC VARK For sensory preferences – cognitive applied by rain after 2011 translation with some modifications to suit the search sample which consists of four sub scales (Visual-auditory-kinesthetic-book-readers) and each paragraph consists of four alternatives (a, b, c, d) after processing the data statistically distinguished students was reached and excellence have very paradoxical stimulation may (al nfsharket, sensual, and Next, mental, and emotional) and there are no differences between the sexes, as the research found that outstanding students and distinguished have kinetic preference and preference over reading audio and Visual to males than females, while females tended to reading preference than males and no statistically significant differences between them in audiovisual preference, having a direct correlation between the provokes and kinetic preference and an inverse relationship with reading preference, in the light of the results of researcher has developed recommendations and proposals.



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