Measuring the cognitive spirit of university students


  • أ.م.د. فلاح حسن جبر الجامعة المستنصرية/ كلية التربية الأساسية - وحدة أبحاث الذكاء والقدرات العقلية


Keyword: cognitive spirit



     The current research aims to measure the cognitive spirit of university students, and to achieve the goal of the research, the application of the cognitive spirit scale prepared by (Al-Saadi, 2021) and applied to a sample of educational counselors, which was prepared to suit the nature of the target sample in the current research. The scale consists of (32) items with a gradation Fives distributed over four fields, it was applied to the basic research sample consisting of (200) male and female students who were selected in a stratified random manner from the four stages of males and females. Knowledge among university students is attributed to the variables of gender and academic level.



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