The Role of Using Facebook Reels as a Pre-lesson Activity on EFL Learners' Pronunciation


  • Hieam Abid Alameer Khadim


Keywords: Facebook. Reels. Pronunciation skill. Pre-lesson activity


   The current study aims to identify the potential effects of using Facebook reels as a pre-lesson activity on EFL learners' pronunciation. Specifically, this identification seeks to explore how pre-lesson Facebook reels influence EFL learners' proficiency in using English sound system and pronunciation skills, as well as their engagement and motivation. The findings of this study can help in designing engaging and efficient pre-lesson activities for enhancing EFL learners' pronunciation skills, and can provide a gateway for future research to continue investigating the use of social media in language learning.

     The researcher adopted the descriptive approach to achieve the goal of the research and chose a sample of 50 students from the fourth stage in the English language department / College of Basic Education / morning study academic year 2022/2023 25 males and 25 females to collect quantitative data on the research variable through the distribution of a digital questionnaire by Google Docs. The questionnaire included 13 items divided into four tabs: pronunciation, proficiency, engagement, and motivation towards using Facebook video reels as a pre-lesson activity.

     The results show that using Facebook reels as a pre-lesson activity for practicing English pronunciation as a positive impact on EFL learners' English pronunciation and the majority of the respondents felt motivated to continue using it for improving their skills.



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