Extent of Iraqi EFL Students' Multiple Intelligences in Secondary


  • Asst.Inst.Hayder Abdulzahra Shalash AL-Mustunsiryah University College of Basic Education - English Department
  • Researcher. Asma'a Abdul Na Khudair AL-Mustunsiryah University College of Basic Education - English Department




        This study aims at investigating EFL students' multiple intelligences in secondary schools. To achieve the aims of the study, the researcher improperly used sample of (60) female and male students studying at  AL-Jamhuria  for  boys  and  AL-Nassera  for  girls secondary schools  in  AL-Resafa / 2 . The researcher used descriptive method which fitted the nature of the present study. Regarding the instrument of the study, the researcher adopted (MI) questionnaire with 40 items distributed to eight intelligences. The findings came to prove that secondary school EFL students' MI is good, and there is significant difference between students' MI due to the gender variable. Besides, visual intelligence came to the first rank whereas interpersonal intelligence came to the last rank. The study ends up with presenting a number of recommendations and suggestions that might aid improving the environment of language learning in the classroom



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Shalash, A. A., & Khudair, R. A. A. N. (2019). Extent of Iraqi EFL Students’ Multiple Intelligences in Secondary. مجلة أبحاث الذكاء, (27), 712–699. https://doi.org/10.36302/jir.v0i27.33